Immigration Law

Cyprus immigration and residency requirements – particularly for non-EU citizens – can present many often highly complex issues that must be dealt with. And navigating the processes and procedures is invariably cumbersome and time-consuming. We have full understanding of the complexities, and have the skills and experience to handle all matters.

There are many legal aspects to be considered which are difficult for someone who is struggling to understand the idiosyncrasies of EU and Cyprus Law, and which are often compounded by a language barrier. The assistance of a knowledgable immigration attorney can make all the difference on the journey to a successful outcome.

Our multilingual immigration attorneys are fully experienced in all aspects of Cyprus Immigration Law, and are able to handle any number of scenarios. For example, you may represent a company seeking to hire foreign employees, or you are an individual hoping to attain citizenship or permanent residency, or your family resides in another country and you want to be reunited.

Whether you are a business or an individual, one of our dedicated attorneys will carefully listen to your needs and concerns, and advise on the most effective way to achieve your objectives.

We can assist businesses and individuals with the following:

Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that our highly qualified team are perfectly positioned to guide you towards a satisfactory resolution.

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